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Drama 2 orang dalam bahasa inggris

Berikut adalah contoh drama 2 orang dalam bahasa inggris yang menceritakan tentang kedangan grub musik SNSD yang akan mengadakan konser dalam waktu dekat,,silahkan kamu edit sendiri teksnya klao ingin tau terjemahannya silahkan paste ke google translate biar lebih paham percakapannya dan silahkan dikasih judul sendiri.

A: I have got something to tell you, guess what?
B: Huh? What is that?
A: SNSD will come to Indonesia and show in Yogjakarta. As a big fan of SNSD you have to attend their show!

B: What a great news! Are you kidding me? OH that’s unbelievable! I heard that news but I haven’t make sure that’s true or not.
A: No. I’m sure about it, trust me! And you have to buy the ticket before sold out.
B: Yes I’m. but do you know there was a girl band from Indonesia who duplicate SNSD’s song and dances. I dislike them.
A: How do you know that?
B: Oh I read from internet.
A: Wow how update you are!
B: Thanks. By the way, what about your score yesterday?
A: Alhamdullilah I get perfect score.
B: Did you cheat?
A: No! I do it myself.
B: WOW! What excellent you are. Um, whould you teach me how to answer the test? Please!
A: Okay, let’s do that!

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