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Naskah drama bahasa inggris

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Dibawah ini adalah contoh teks naskah drama dalam bahasa inggris yang dimainkan dan diperankan oleh 5 orang pemain drama bahasa inggris 5 orang ini berdurasi 15 menit

DURATION : 15 minutes
PLAYERS : 5 Persons
Player 1 : The Candidate for the House of People’s Representatives (Caleg DPR)
Player 2 : A Farmer (Petani)
Player 3 : A Fisherman (Nelayan)
Player 4 : A Laborer (Buruh/Karyawan)
Player 5 : A Non-Government Teacher / NGT (Guru Honorer/GTT/Swasta)


Drama bahasa InggrisSETTING : A farmer and fisherman are talking about their condition. They complain to each other.
They feel that it is very difficult to get money for their living.

Farmer : It seems to me that this life is very hard, very difficult. My rice needs fertilizer but
I don’t have any money to buy it. Uh, I’m very confused…
Fisherman : Yeah, so am I. You know, I cannot go to the sea. I cannot sail to look for fishes. No
money to buy fuel, no money to repair my boat and fishing equipments.
Farmer : So, what are we going to do?
Fisherman : I don’t know…
(The Laborer is coming)
Laborer : Hi, anybody wants to join with me?
Farmer : Where?
Laborer : There is a campaign for the legislator election today. Who knows, we can get
money from the candidate (smiling).
Farmer : How about you, are you interested?
Fisherman : Emm, okay. You’re right. Who knows we can get money…
Laborer : All right. Let’s go…!
(They are going to the campaign place

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